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Click for images of the AquaKleen™

Click for images of the AquaKleen™

  • 10x the water flow of other leading brands
  • Battery powered
  • Battery life indicator
  • Brushless motors for longer service life

Saltech presents AQUAKLEEN™, the most advanced and reliable portable cleaner on the market today. This cleaner incorporates the latest battery advancements, along with a proprietary suction system to provide long life and superior performance. The AQUAKLEEN™ flows 10x the water of our major competitors while having a filter and storage chamber double that of any cleaner in its class. The intake port is twice the size of other leading brands allowing larger leaves and acorns to be easily cleaned. Its built in battery monitor shows real time battery usage and stored available energy.

Includes two vacuum heads, one for large areas and debris, and a triangle scrubbing attachment